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Oh hey there! If it isn’t the future of the music industry reading my blog! That’s right, in a few years you’re all going to be the ones booking bands, putting on shows, and tour managing the talent of the future! What’s that you say? You don’t know where to start? Well my friends, Warped Tour is doing something this year that will help you find your place in an industry that is just begging for new ideas from people like you! Today’s post is all about the EIY workshops! 

The Earn It Yourself Workshop is a daily occurrence here at Warped where people with a passion for music come and sit down with some of the biggest movers and shakers in the business, including you! It’s not a lecture by any means as EIY workshops are group conversations where you can pick the brains of the people who have made it in this industry and at the same time figure out how you can use your passion and knowledge about the market to depict the new face of the music industry. 

So who’s at this meeting each day? Only Kevin Lyman, Lisa Brownlee, Sarah Saturday, and a whole bunch of other special guests! 

Read on for more info or if you’re already stoked head over to their RSVP site for more info or find the EIY booth at Warped!

Who exactly are all the the regulars? Well here’s the abridged version of what can literally be a book! Kevin Lyman is the founder and current producer of the Warped tour. For sixteen years he’s travelled on this tour every summer! He’s also the type of guy that makes sure that he takes an hour out of his day to sit down with people just like you to help them find out how they are going to change the game. Lisa Brownlee, the tour manager for Warped Tour and The AP tour, has more first hand experience than any person that I’ve ever met! She’ll be able to answer ANY question you have about touring. Last but not least, there is Sarah Saturday, an out of this world musician who coordinates this workshop every single day in addition to doing one hundred million other things as well. These people know their stuff and are there every single day to help people get inspired. 


What’s great about this workshop is that you never know who’s going to be stopping by! Established bands, new tour managers, and people who have toured on Warped Tour for years all happen to drop in to these meetings to give back and try to understand the state of the music industry. Imagine the conversation here… having a band that’s trying to separate themselves from everything else and reach out to a new audience. Twitter? Facebook? This is all topics that they need and people like you OWN! New technologies, music fraternities on college campuses, and understanding the state of local shows are all the things that you know about and is exactly the wake up call that the music industry needs. 


Every meeting has such a wealth of information that it leaves me speechless and gets me excited to know that right in front of me are the future entrepreneurs that are going to figure out how musicians and people who love music make a living. 


This is one of the most selfless things that I’ve ever seen on this tour and is something you folks should look into. Missed out on your local warped date? The philosophy of it all lives online! Check out www.earnityourself.com. You won’t be let down!

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